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Testimonials of my clients’ experiences with ingesting their placenta and utilizing my services:

My husband and I decided to go with Rebecca for our placenta encapsulation and we could not be happier.   My husband is a scientist and he works in quality assurance, he is very familiar with FDA regulations for vitamins, pills, etc…  so finding someone that met his standards was crucial.  We spoke to a number of different people and Rebecca’s process was superb in comparison to many of the other options.   Her process meets the requirements of the FDA, so we decided to go with her because of this.   Rebecca only continued to amaze us.  Our daughter was born in the middle of the night, but she was there in what seemed like only minutes after she was born for the pick up.   She also delivered the pills back to us in the hospital.   We were exceedingly impressed by her promptness!   Rebecca has offered us continued support after she encapsulated my placenta; delivering tincture kits to our home and providing valuable information via email.    We highly recommend Rebecca with Love Your Birth!!”


“My hairdresser told me about encapsulating my placenta. Although she had not tried it yet, a friend of hers had. She said it could increase energy, reduce the chance of postpartum depression and possibly increase milk supply. My original thought was, ewe, gross!  But with all the possible benefits, it sounded completely worth it. Plus, I wasn’t going to have to do anything with it so why not choke down a couple pills a day? I did not use a doula or give birth at home so I was a little worried about what my Spectrum traditional medicine doctor and the nurses at the hospital would think. My doctor, while not supporting it for the lack of scientific research, did say the placenta is an amazing thing and it was up to  me. My nurse at the hospital was supportive and had heard of it before. They were very accommodating and even supplied a bucket with ice. Rebecca was wonderful and really could not have asked for better service to have someone come to the hospital (at 3am I might add) to collect the placenta and then deliver the finished product at my home. She answered all my questions and was very professional and personable. Now to the benefits. I didn’t have any postpartum or baby blues the first time and I know it could occur with one child and not another so it’s hard to say if not experiencing that was due to the pills or not. What I can say is I can’t believe the energy I had! I remember being in such a fog and my legs ready to buckle in the middle of the night from exhaustion with my first. I never felt tired this time around it was so amazing. With a newborn and a toddler, I definitely needed it. That alone was worth it.  If I missed pills, I definitely noticed being tired and irritable. Taking the pills really wasn’t bad, I just didn’t think about what it was I was swallowing.  I would highly recommend having your placenta encapsulated! I didn’t think the price was bad at all for the service Rebecca provided and the awesome results! It’s definitely worth a try! I recommend it to all my friends who at first look at me like I’m crazy, but then ask for the number :)”


“Our experience with Love Your Birth services was beyond amazing. From start to finish. I was having trouble finding someone local to encapsulate my placenta for me at such a short notice. Rebecca was highly recommended by one of my sacred sisters saying quote, “You will not be disappointed.” She was one of the many that I got a hold of and her response was immediate answering every question and concern I had without me even asking. Comfortable and relieved than ever my partner and I decided to choose Love Your Birth services. After 32 hours of labor and our beautiful daughter entering the world we contacted Rebecca about the placenta being ready to pick up at her convenience.She was there in less than an hour with a kind congratulations and a professional way of relaying to us that she would drop off the encapsulations at our home. Extremely reliable, and beyond kind hearted she kept to every word and helped us feel relaxed during the whole process.Mikki Borchers Review Taking the placenta pills in the morning, both my fiancé and I, we felt wonderful and ready to take on the World. In a bit of a panic noticing that we were running low already I asked her about starting a tincture that she recommended in the past. Once again, during her busy schedule, she managed to put together the kit she provides and have it ready for me to pick up to get started on the process right away. All of this professionalism at a wonderful price. I have given her name to anyone I know of who are planning to have their placenta encapsulated in hopes that Love Your Birth can make many more Mama’s and families comfortable and happy with this type of experience. ”


“I had a wonderful experience with Love Your Birth services. Our son was born in Kalamazoo, and for a minimal fee, Rebecca was still able to accommodate us. After 36 hours of labor, and a 12:30 am phone call, Rebecca made the drive to pick up my placenta. She was very thoughtful and excited for us as new parents. She answered our questions and explained when she would return to drop off the smoothie packets and placenta pills.
I made one smoothie a day for five days. After the raw packets were finished, I took two pills a day for six weeks and now continue to take one per day. I can always tell the difference on the days when I forget to take them in the morning. I believe it has helped with my mood, energy, milk supply and more. I definitely recommend Love Your Birth to other moms!”


“I chose to do placenta encapsulation because I was worried about postpartum depression and exhaustion. I was also worried about my milk supply. I have never been one for medication, so when a friend of mine mentioned consuming placenta it had me wondering about what it was all about. I talked to my doctor about it and they had no idea about it or the pros or cons of it, which made me even more curious. After doing research and talking to others who were interested in doing it, and or have done it and their reasons, I decided it was worth a try! I looked into how to have it done and even how to do it myself. In the end I decided that it was worth the money to have someone else do it, and it truly was! When I first started them I was taking 1-2 a day in the morning with breakfast. It gave me the energy, better than any cup of coffee, to get through my day. Depending on what I had to get done in the day I would take another in the afternoon. If I didn’t take them I was still able to get through the day, but I was rather tired and needed naps. In my research I found that they can help milk supply, when I was taking them I didn’t have any issues with my milk at all. I used them consistently for the first 3 months, they helped my mood and motivation. Once my little one started sleeping more through the night, I started using them less, I still use them when I need a little boost of energy. I am saving some for the days that I would like a little energy. Overall I am so happy that I did it. Rebecca from Love Your Birth was super friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be doing placenta encapsulation for all of my children, and I will come back to Love Your Birth.”


“I had a great experience and would recommend it to other moms. I was definitely skeptical about it, and honestly though it sounded gross. But, after dealing with severe postpartum depression with my first child, I thought I would give it a shot. Anything that could help this time around I was looking for. I was on the drug celexa prior to my daughters birth so I could get it into my system. After Hazel was born, I stopped maybe a week or two after she was born taking that, and just used capsules. I took them twice a day and found they helped immediately with my anxiety and overwhelming thoughts. It also helped with milk production!! I dried up with my first daughter after two weeks. I am exclusively pumping for this child and have been going on for almost 5 months!! I used them for a few weeks, to adjust to the feelings I was having. I don’t plan to use them at a later date, but rather use them up. I hadn’t been taking any for a couple months now, but recently started taking one again in the morning. I was very surprised at the reasonable cost, and would recommend your services to all moms!”


“Rebecca was a joy to work with – professional, punctual (arrived within an hour of our son’s birth) and even had the capsules back by the next evening. When she came by, I was struggling with nursing him and she shared some encouraging words and advice, as well. We paid the bill in full before the birth and that was one less thing for us to worry about. I found the capsules to be tasteless and I used them for about 3-4 weeks postpartum, and saved some for later. Especially considering our nursing difficulty, I think that the benefits of placenta encapsulation may have played a big role in helping to offset any potential PPD. I’d highly recommend her services!”


“I took 4 pills per day for the first two weeks and continue to take 2 pills per day thereafter consistently. I experienced positive feelings, energy, and overall felt great and balanced. I especially felt great the first two weeks and enjoyed the time and the experience with my new baby. I did not notice an after taste and did not experience baby blues or any aversive affects from taking the pills. I am looking forward to using the tincture in the future. Rebecca offers professional and prompt services. I would definitely recommend her services and I plan on using placenta encapsulation for baby number two in the future.
Thank you again, Rebecca!”


“I am completely satisfied with your services and with ingesting my placenta.  I recommend it to everyone I know!  This was my first pregnancy so I don’t have anything to compare it to but I do know I was much more level with my emotions and hormones when I was ingesting the placenta.  My only complaint would be that there weren’t more!  🙂  If I have another pregnancy, I will absolutely be using your services again and will probably try to spread out the capsules a little longer to get a longer benefit from them.  I greatly appreciate your passion for helping mothers through this journey and your quick response time.  Our son was delivered at 5:05 AM and you were there within an hour.  You then delivered the capsules to my home after they were ready, making it very convenient.”

“Why did you choose to encapsulate? To increase my iron consumption and to reduce the chances of post partum depression and anxiety.
Were you skeptical about encapsulation? Do you feel differently now? I was a little skeptical about the encapsulation just because I was nervous of the taste and didn’t know how much it would really help me.  I am completely sold on the process now that I’ve gone through it.  I felt much more level as far as my emotions went and the capsules were tasteless to me.
How long did you take the pills for and how many per day? Are you saving any for a later time? I did not save any pills, I don’t recall the exact dosage, but I followed your recommendation.  I think it was 2 pills twice a day for the first two weeks and then two pills a day thereafter.  
What physical and/or emotional effects stood out to you? Did you notice a difference in behavior if you did not take them? Once I stopped taking the pills, I noticed my hair was coming out more so (a typical symptom after delivery) so it delayed that process.  I was very consistent with taking the pills.”


“Rebecca is very passionate about helping mothers through placenta encapsulation.  I was incredibly impressed by her knowledge and her professionalism.  I would certainly recommend placenta encapsulation and Rebecca is the right person to help during this journey. Her quick response time and desire to help me during my post partum period made it a very easy and positive experience.”


“I decided to encapsulate my placentas the moment I heard about its possible benefits with battling postpartum depression. I have struggled my entire life with anxiety and haven’t really had to deal with issues of depression but I knew that it makes me more susceptible to developing it with my history of anxiety. I am SOOO happy I did it! My twins are now 10 weeks old and I have not had any issues with PPD and have been so happy to wake up to my girls every day!

I also heard about its benefits with milk supply and I can’t say for sure that it is the reason I have had plenty of milk to feed both my girls and freeze hundreds of ounces for the future, but I definitely think it was a huge factor in it.

I took 3 pills in the morning and 3 at night for the first 6 weeks and just recently started taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night to try to make them last longer! I noticed when we were out of town for a few days and I forgot my pills, that my mood was a little down so I am dreading the day I run out of them!

I had a wonderful experience with Rebecca and have recommended her to all of my pregnant friends who are considering encapsulation. She was always willing to answer my many questions and got back to me quickly. I received my pills very fast, before I even left the hospital, and when she brought them to me, she was super friendly to my family who were completely baffled at the idea of doing this. She answered all their questions and made them aware of all of the benefits for me and my babies which made them more comfortable with the process.

I’m just so happy with how they have made me feel, I want the world to know :)”


“Rebecca was awesome to work with! I had used her services for my second child, wishing I would have found her for my first. I had her encapsulate my placenta using the raw method and had a tincture made. She was great to work with, very professional, educated, and was fast and efficient.  Her prices are very reasonable, and by far the best packaging I have had. I used someone different for my first child and in comparison, I am very impressed with Rebecca’s services. Love your birth is by far my favorite to work with. It was so refreshing to see someone so passionate about what they do, because now days it’s rarely seen.  I would recommend her for all loving mothers who want the best added nutritional benefits for yourself and your family. I refer her services to every expecting mama I know.”
” I chose to encapsulate my placenta because I wanted to do everything I could to make my recovery quick. I wanted to be able to be strong for my new baby and those pills were a life saver. I wasn’t ever really skeptical because I’ve heard nothing but phenomenal things about the process and Rebecca was very professional in her demeanor and knowledge. She also made me feel comfortable with a relaxed personality. At first, I would take two pills with my breakfast and maybe one more in the afternoon if I had a lot do that day or if I was in pain. They seemed to vitalize me and give me subtle bursts of energy. I took them every day for at least the first 4 weeks, and I still have some saved in the freezer for when my menstrual cycle starts up again.
I noticed a slight change in my flatulence when I took these pills. So ladies and company beware! Sorry for the TMI. Emotionally I just feel like they helped me get through the day. They helped me not even notice all the work my body was doing to return to it’s baby-free state. I didn’t really notice a difference in my behavior besides maybe a little extra fatigue if I was without. I wish I could still be taking these pills every day simply for the benefits and the way I felt taking them. I would recommend Rebecca’s services, 10/10 any day of the week!”
“I had heard of encapsulation your placenta before but to be honest I was a bit weirded out by it. After speaking with a friend who had done it and her positive experience I decided to research it more. The aspects that interested me most was the help in milk production, helping you recouperate faster, and helping with the postpartum.
I found Rebecca online and after speaking with her She seemed like a great choice and she was! Her communication was excellent, her demeanor very professional, and she was great at answering any questions we had. She was prompt getting to the hospital and her turnaround time was VERY quick!
Taking the pills I really think helped. Unfortunately I contracted mastitis in my first week so I had to take a break from the pills, and I think the mastitis hurt my milk production. So I can’t vouch that the pills assisted in that area, but I feel great 6 weeks after, and I think they helped keep me more balanced emotionally. I am taking two a day at this point, and I may try to save some for later, but I will also have my tincture for later as well.
All in all I would highly recommend Rebecca and her services!”


1) I chose to encapsulate basically because I didn’t think it could
hurt anything.  I knew I felt overwhelmed with my first child and felt
that the hormone balancing effect of taking the capsules could only
help if I felt like my emotions were going to get out of control.
2) I was not skeptical.  The science behind it makes sense.
3) I took 2 pills per day until they were gone (about 2.5 months)
4) I noticed that, emotionally, I was much more sensitive on the days
that I did not take the pills
5) Overall, I would do it again and would encourage anyone interested
in doing it as well.
6) You and your services were more than accommodating. From the ease
of payment, you coming to my room right after delivery and you making
the trip out to my house to drop off the pills, it could not have been
any more convenient.”


“Why did you choose to encapsulate?

I choose to encapsulate because my previous two postpartum experience were horribly difficult. I had severe baby blues, was extremely sleep deprived and constantly tired for MONTHS after birth. I was hoping encapsulation would help this time around.

*Were you skeptical about encapsulation? Do you feel differently now?
I was extremely skeptical. My Bradley instructor suggested I look into placenta encapsulation and frankly, I was still skeptical even the day Rebecca delivered the pills. But I figured I only had one shot and worse case, I just wouldn’t take them. After taking the pills I’ve completely done a 180 in my opinion of encapsulation. Taking the pills has given me energy (even with 2 other young kids in the mix), increased my mental clarity ( no mommy brain and “fogginess”) and my outlook has been great postpartum.
*How long did you take the pills for and how many per day? Are you saving any for a later time?
I did as Rebecca suggested and started by taking 1 pill twice a day the first two weeks of postpartum. After that I dropped off to 1 pill a day, usually taken after breakfast or mid-morning. I’m still taking them (8 weeks postpartum currently) and plan on taking them for a few more months. If I’m having a busy day or stressful time, I occasionally will bump it back up to taking a second one on that specific day.  I am planning on saving some for menopause and Rebecca also did the Tincture for me too.
*What physical and/or emotional effects stood out to you? Did you notice a difference in behavior if you did not take them?
A few times I did forget to take them in the morning and boy, by mid afternoon did I know it!  I would be in a mental fog, not being able to focus well and easily distracted. I was extremely tired, unable to interact well with my other children and desperately needed a nap. I also became extremely emotional and sensitive- crying and becoming upset and depressed over the silliest things.
*What did you think overall (of ingesting them, anything that surprised you about the effects, whether or not they positively affected you postpartum period, etc.)?
It was just like taking any other supplement. I always took them right after eating and never had any side effects (some research mentioned a bad after taste, or “burps” that tasted bad).
*Were you happy or unhappy with my services? Why or why not?
Rebecca was great. She was extremely responsive and available to my emails and texts. She arrived at the hospital almost immediately after birth once my husband contacted her. Her dropping them off at the house was so helpful as what new mom wants to go anywhere after birth. I would highly recommend her services.”

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