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Sanitation Protocol

Click on the following link to view my sanitation protocol that describes the steps I take to ensure a sanitary working environment and equipment. Having a sanitary working space and clean equipment is necessary in protecting the health of my clients as well as myself. On top of sanitizing all of my reusable equipment and work space, I do try to use as many one-time-use disposable items in the process as possible. While it may create more waste than I would like, I believe it is the best thing for my clients in order to prevent cross contamination.

Placenta Preparation Sanitation Protocol PDF


If I get backed up and end up with two or more placentas in my possession at once, I clearly label each placenta with the client’s name, date, and time that I received it, and store them properly until I am ready to move forward with it. Once capsules and other products are finished and ready, I make sure to label them to with client’s name and date of completion, and store them properly until I can return them to my client.