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My name is Rebecca Burkett and I am a Student Midwife in Grand Rapids, MI. I am currently taking classes for my Associates of Science in Midwifery through the distance education program at Midwives College of Utah. I am also studying under Sara Badger, the midwife of SimplyBorn.  I have learned so much already and I am very excited about the journey that lies ahead.

I will periodically post articles on topics that I find interesting or topics that I am passionate about. I have made this site to be able to provide mothers and families with quality information to help you make informed decisions and have the best birthing experiences possible, but also to promote my business and services. I offer Placenta Encapsulation Services in Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas, which provides mamas with several benefits that aide in postpartum healing. Check out my Placenta Encapsulation page to get more information on this service. If you would like to utilize my services, please fill out the Order Form.

Please feel free to browse about the site and contact me with any questions. I have also made it possible to post comments on certain pages and posts throughout the site.

Thank you so much for visiting! I’m really looking forward to helping you become more informed about birth!



Photography by Adorn - Rhiannon McCalmont

Photography by Adorn – Rhiannon McCalmont